Elderflower Ale

19 May

I wanted to make something with Elderflower after getting a bottle of St. Germain liquor, an amazing beverage that can be added to cocktails or sipped on. This beer came out very light, crisp and refreshing. This beer gets the dubious distinction of my FIRST BOTTLE BOMB ever after 2 years of brewing. I’m pretty sure this happened because I added a bit over 1 cup of priming sugar when bottling…I thought because my final volume was almost 6 gallons, the extra priming sugar would be okay. Not so much…luckily the exploding bottle didn’t harm us, or the animals. It exploded only 4 days after being in the bottle, so I quickly bagged up the remaining bottles and moved them to a safer place. Then I had them cooled ASAP and drank em up quickly. No other bottles blew up, so I guess I got lucky. Giving this beer an 86% because I over carbed it and the spices didn’t come through as much as I wanted.




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