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Black Pepper Saison

13 Jan

Not sure what happened on this brew, but I think it was a problem with DMS because the beer had a strange off taste. It wasn’t too bitter or too sour, instead, it had a sulfur aroma/taste that overpowered most everything else. I’m also going to blame high INITIAL fermentation temps – because I’ve used WLP565 up to 80+ degrees before and made an amazing Saison…but the difference here is that it may have started way too hot. The sample I tasted before bottling seemed very good. Really upset because I was hoping for a nice black pepper/citrus taste here – and it just didn’t come through. Giving this one only 50%, not good at all. BlackPepperSaison


90 Minute Saison

9 Dec

I tried to mimic the first Saison I did which came out perfectly. This time, however, it didn’t capture the same magic. Probably due to the bad temp control during fermentation. It was getting better after a few months of conditioning, but too little too late. Only gets 74% from me


2 pot mash IPA

17 Nov

I split the mash into 2 pots so I could try to see what happened if the grains had a LOT of mash water – with a smaller sparge. I couldn’t tell much of a difference in the end product. Again, it may’ve fermented a bit too hot. Planning to get a controlled temp fridge soon to fix this stuff. Giving this 75% because it was decent, at best.


Straight up Belgian

8 Oct

This beer came out good, but not great. I only boiled for 60 mins, and probably should have been 90 mins because of all the pilsner malt. This beer only gets 82% from me because it was only decent, not anything special.


Freedom Ale

11 Sep

“One of the best beers I’ve ever had” – Uncle Ed



Orange Blonde Ale

31 Aug

The WLP 400 worked well on this, but it may have been just a tad too high ABV in retrospect. The washed yeast didn’t yield great results in the beers after…should have used a more tolerant yeast (or just lessened the fermentables) on this one.


Grapefruit Saison

9 Jun

Wish I had more patience – as it vastly improved with age