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2 Apfelweins

25 Nov

I have 2 Apfelweins on this sheet, and they were both stellar. The 2nd batch (started in Feb) was unique because I added a can of frozen apple juice concentrate a few months after starting, and bottled it up with some black currant flavoring…it ended up being STELLAR after 8 months. 100% rating on each recipe, always perfect if you follow the original directions.



Apfelwein #4

22 May

It never fails! Here’s the original recipe again

Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead

27 Feb

Grab the recipe from Yooper right here on HBT – You need patience with this one! Also you need to like SWEEEET drinks.

Apfelwein 2&3

1 Dec

Apfelwein for the holidays!

Apfelwein (first attempt)

29 Oct

Check out the original recipe here and follow directions – you won’t be disappointed!