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Barumba Bumba Ale

4 Nov

The title is an inside joke with our dog, Yoga

The beer is probably the best dark ale I ever made. It had no metallic taste or bitter twang, just a great roasty flavor that got amazing after 3 months in the bottle. Even though it was good early, the beer improved by leaps and bounds after some conditioning. Giving this beer a 90% and glad to learn some lessons about dark ales. They come out best when I use NO tap water in the mash, and very very little dark malts, shouldn’t except .25# for my taste.



Bastille Day English Freedom Ale

14 Jul

The vanilla addition backfired! But the original brew was damn good


ESB – my first AG home brew

7 Nov

Rather successful for my first AG – I got the BIAB method from DeathBrewer’s great instructions on HBT here

Nut Brown Ale

15 Oct

Another attempt….

Nut Brown Ale

20 Sep







Judging from the grain bill, I obviously didn’t understand partial mash or All grain mechanics yet.