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Xmas Eve IPA

24 Dec

Another basic IPA that could’ve been better if I had better temp control during fermentaion. 80% rating, nothing too great



2 pot mash IPA

17 Nov

I split the mash into 2 pots so I could try to see what happened if the grains had a LOT of mash water – with a smaller sparge. I couldn’t tell much of a difference in the end product. Again, it may’ve fermented a bit too hot. Planning to get a controlled temp fridge soon to fix this stuff. Giving this 75% because it was decent, at best.


Wheat Yeast Rye IPA

10 Aug

Wrong yeast! It still could’ve been good, but it just wasn’t….


Belgian IPA with coriander

22 Apr

Had an issue with yeast, but it was most likely due to my impatience.


Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA clone

5 Dec

Based on Yooper’s recipe here from HBT

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30 Jul

Skip the honey on this one!