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Wheatley Ale

30 Mar

Second time I used WB06 yeast, and it worked much better this time. This beer was close to 100% after 1 week in the bottle, it was like a super mix of Blue Moon and Hoegaarden. The coriander and orange came through perfectly. It lost a lot of good flavor over time though. Unlike most other home brews, the wheat beers should be enjoyed younger…this beer was no exception.




Mango Wheat Beer

15 Oct


Orange Blonde Ale

31 Aug

The WLP 400 worked well on this, but it may have been just a tad too high ABV in retrospect. The washed yeast didn’t yield great results in the beers after…should have used a more tolerant yeast (or just lessened the fermentables) on this one.


Grapefruit Saison

9 Jun

Wish I had more patience – as it vastly improved with age

Lemon Lime Hefeweizen

29 May

Original recipe on HBT is right here

Honey Hefeweizen

9 Apr

Epic fail

Double Yeast Belgian Blonde

23 Oct

Airlock activity means NOTHING