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Blackberry Red Ale

14 Apr

This recipe came from Brooklyn Brew Shop’s 52 Season Beer Recipes book – and it came out pretty good. The Blackberries were mashed up with sugar and heated, then added to wort at flame out. The base recipe produced a nice red ale, and the berries added more tartness than sweetness. I stopped using fruit for a long time, but this recipe got me interested in it again. Even though I wanted to go against the recipe and add berries to secondary, I followed their instruction and left everything in primary. It was a pain to get all the Blackberries out before bottling, but nice to know it worked well. I would rate this beer about 85% after it was bottled for 2 months.

Also, I bought a wine cooler for the fermentation. This was the first time I used it, and it worked well!




Mango Wheat Beer

15 Oct


Orange Blonde Ale

31 Aug

The WLP 400 worked well on this, but it may have been just a tad too high ABV in retrospect. The washed yeast didn’t yield great results in the beers after…should have used a more tolerant yeast (or just lessened the fermentables) on this one.


Grapefruit Saison

9 Jun

Wish I had more patience – as it vastly improved with age

Lemon Lime Hefeweizen

29 May

Original recipe on HBT is right here

Trappist, Peach Lambic, Nail Polish

4 Mar

I was originally making a trappist ale, but then decided to rack onto 6# of canned peaches. The peaches came in syrup, and I wish I didn’t add it because even if this beer turned out okay, the syrup would’ve contributed off flavors. After about 1 month I saw pellicle forming and then it was covered in huge, furry white bubbles. I decided to wait it out, and it sat for 9 months!! The smell out of the fermenter was like peach nail polish, and the final product wasn’t much different. Welp, it was a long experiment and didn’t work out, but I’m glad I tried. If I ever decide to do lambic again, it will be with a controlled inoculation.


Joe’s Ancient Orange Mead

27 Feb

Grab the recipe from Yooper right here on HBT – You need patience with this one! Also you need to like SWEEEET drinks.